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Inspired by pre-Hispanic heritage and Mexican tradition, Milpa’s name and concept pays homage to the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations and their agricultural legacy, particularly the "milpa" farming system dating back 8,000 years in the south-central region of present-day Mexico. This farming method involves intercropping corn, beans, squash and chilis, with corn serving as the central vertical support for beans and providing a valuable shade to the other crops. 


High Mountain Farming

"Maiz & Sol"
("Corn & Sun")

We grow our ancestral corn on the hills between 1200 and 700 meters high. From the "Sierra Norte", inside of the Cuicatlán -Tehuacán biosphere reserve. Our fields are immersed in a high mountain / tropical climate:

85 % + humidity and a large range of temperature between days & nights.

Ancestral Corn

Modern corn has been domisticated 8,000 years ago in the Tehuacan valley, a few kilometers away from our distillery. The blue corn we use is endemic from this region and is the direct descendant of these ancestral bread.

"Joya de la Tierra”
("Jewel of the Earth")


Proudly Ancestral

A Jewel Label

Visual / Branding

The name Milpa is a tribute to the history and tradition of the mesoamerican civilization.

Putting the consentious farming as a main character of the brand.

The diamon shape of our label reminds us the figure of the corn grain.

Again the real "star" of Milpa is the blue corn, the essence of our liquid.

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