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Herodes mezcal is the result of selection and coupage of the nest agave Espadin from the central valleys of Oaxaca.

Herodes - el MEZCAL

Oaxaca / Joven

The Agaves are cooked in a ground oven.once cooked, the agaves are crushed with a stone grinder and naturally ferment in wooden tanks

Distillation is made on copper alembics.

The profile is focused on the Espadin taste, it’s fresh and slightly smoked.

a smoothie style and an easy pairing character. An Original and limpid mezcal that prefers the freshness instead of the smoky side.

Alcohol: 40% Alc. Vol       

Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico       

Production 2023: 12,000 bottles

house cocktail

The tiki wrestler:




1/2oz bitter apéritif

1/2oz Ginger Juice.

3/4oz Lime Juice.

3/4oz Pineapple juice.



A long drink, easy to reproduce, perfect for modern cocktails menus.

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